What is the dollar value of a KnitCrate?

We strongly feel that the value that KnitCrate provides lies in the full breadth of our service and not in the dollar value of the products.  We’ve quickly learned after our launch that one fiber artists’ gold can easily be another’s silver (and vice versa!).  Beauty and quality is a very subjective topic where opinions and feelings carry strong weight.  And that’s exactly why KnitCrate is a valuable service.  The value comes from the ability to try something new, the fun of realizing you love something that you never would have picked for yourself, and the comfort of knowing that all the products have been vetted by KnitCrate.  We ensure you’re getting your money’s worth by guaranteeing quality products from premium vendors and not by adding up the dollar value.
However, if you’re a dollars and cents kind of fiber artist we can say that the dollar value of our KnitCrates has never been below a subscription rate.  Here is a July 2013 blog post we did on a few KnitCrates: click here.
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